Chromatomyia ramosa

(Hendel, 1923)

Chromatomyia ramosa mine on Dipsacus








Hosts in Great Britain & Ireland : Dipsacus, Knautia and Succisa

Mine : The larvae feeds mainly in the mid-rib, making short corridors into the leaf blade. In Dipsacus, the corridors are short (as shown above) whereas in Knautia and Succisa, they are much longer.

Frass is mostly deposited in the mid-rib, with no frass usually been visible in the leaf-blade corridors.

Note lack of frass in feeding corridors








Pupation : In the mid-rib

Puparium : Pale yellow

Puparium after opening mid-rib








Phenology : The larvae hibernates during the winter months (October - April) in the basal rosette of leaves and commences feeding in the following Spring. There are at least two generations, with feeding larvae been found May - August.

Genitalia :